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LED T8 / T5 consisting of: LED light + power supply (built in the inner tube), 15W ~ 18W (constant new products)
Traditional T8 lamps: the fluorescent tube starter + + standard coil voltage multiplier, 32W ~ 45W (commercially available)
Traditional T5 lamps: the fluorescent lamp + electronic transformer, 28W ~ 30W (commercially available)

LED bulbs: LED light + power supply (built in the inner tube), 3W ~ 20W (constant new products)
Incandescent light bulbs: light bulbs direct lighting, 3W ~ 150W (commercially available)
Spiral Bulb: fluorescent tubes + electronic transformer, 7 ~ 27W (commercially available)

LED Bay Light: LED light + power supply, 20W ~ 400W (Constant new products)
Mercury lamps / high pressure sodium lamps / metal halide, etc ..: direct lighting or external transformer, 150 ~ 2,000W (commercially available)

Overall ... many types, but the biggest point of difference, described as follows:

◆ low wattage replace high wattage: For example: 80W LED bay light replace 500W mercury lamp and so on ...
◆ life: the light fades index LED 50,000 hours, the traditional 5,000 to 12,000 hours.
◆ lighting that is bright: no need to wait, fluorescent lamps need 5 to 10 clock will be fully stimulated, the brightness will be stable.
◆ high conversion efficiency: the same wattage attained better brightness.
◆ No harmful rays: No UV and blue light

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