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This time we introduce the performance of fully-filled LED soft strip lights. The original LED step lights used sleeved LED soft strip lights and LED glue strip lights. These two models are known in the industry as having an IP65 rating, but this approach is not recommended for use in outdoor engineering cases or LED landscape cases. Difference description: A.LED sleeve soft strip lights are actually composed of bare board + silicone sleeve, achieving dustproof and waterproof. 1. When the LED is hit by a frontal impact, the silicone sleeve is soft and does not protect the internal LED. 2. The inlet end of the casing must be properly protected to avoid water intrusion due to pulling and rupture after construction. 3. When the waterproofing of the on-site wiring is poor, water or moisture will penetrate the copper wire's cooling and heating effects, causing siphonage and water intrusion. B. LED glue strip lights are covered with a layer of PU glue on the exposed LED board to achieve dustproof and waterproof on the front. 1. The main disadvantage of the LED flexible strip light is that the back is not waterproof Outdoor lighting mainly depends on the quality of the product itself + the quality of on-site construction to extend its service life. Factory customization Recommended length: DC24V length 20 meters double-ended power supply, DC12V length 10 meters double-ended power supply Color temperature range: 2700K ~ 6500K Power range: 5W ~15W/meter, single row Waterproof level: IP68 Outlet method: 2 wire length < 10 meters Leave a waterproof layer on the front and back of the PCBA LED soft board, and tightly cover the LED and soft board. The wires are also wrapped in adhesive material, and the outer layer has a heat-shrinkable sleeve to enhance waterproofing and reduce the pulling force that may cause the adhesive material to break. After learning about the product, go to the construction site to see actual performance. Removing glue from lamp power wiring hole cover Clear the original LED glue strip lights and LED tube soft strip lights operations, Site bonding requires silicone to reinforce waterproofing Use a scraper to remove it and it will almost become crispy! Removing old silicone takes a lot of time!! Take out the arrangement position of LED soft strip lights Peel off the 3M adhesive on the back and press along the edges to fix it! After pressing, apply glue to the power hole. The 3M adhesive tape is only for temporary fixation. In actuality, the upper and lower edges of the LED flexible strip lights and the joints with the wall must be firmly covered with a layer of glue to prevent them from falling off. Fixed completed appearance Actual effect at night   LED soft strip light products https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/product_cg257608.html Introduction to various types of LED soft strip lights  https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_362663.html https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html Taiwan Hsinchu Community Landscape LED Step Light LED Outdoor Full Glue-filled Soft Strip Light Construction Case 2024-06-14 2025-06-14
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html
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The combination of solar energy and street lamps has become the trend and trend of the world.
The application of LED street light is the most suitable choice.


The main reason:
1 installation height and installation position, very in line with the street lamp
2. The accessories are small and easy to hide in the fixture
3. Can reduce the time to build 70% of street lamps
4. Reduce the cost of 50% piping wiring
5. Reduce maintenance time
6. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

The above conditions are most suitable for solar street lamps:
Park, pond, gardens, villas, bike paths and township roads, farming community, community,
Hospitals, schools, factories, houses, camps, open areas, remote areas ... and so on.
Widely in various outdoor lighting, with infrared body sensors,
Better anti-theft warning function, enhance the effectiveness of security.

10W solar street light

What is ALL-in-one type?
Simultaneously with LED light source, the human body sensors, solar cells, lithium batteries, photoelectric control module, comprising a number of protection.

10W solar street light 10W solar street light  10W solar street light

How it works:
During the day, solar energy can be used as a basis for power generation. Light energy can be converted into electricity and stored in a lithium battery pack.
After the solar panel detects the potential difference at night, it starts a fully charged lithium battery pack during the day.
So that the lithium battery stored electrical energy supplied using LED lights, dimming the brightness settings through the internal mechanism,
The use of performance will be sent to the maximum, to avoid excessive use of lithium batteries lead to reduced service life,
Our advantage:
1. Complete controller and collocation, so that the lithium battery pack will not be damaged due to its reduced life due to overcharge or overdischarge.
2. The efficiency of the single-crystal type of solar cells is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon, so that the lithium battery pack can fully charge the lithium battery pack under low sunlight.
3.LED power lithium battery pack + solar panel power balance.
4. The lithium battery pack is a cylindrical battery type, and the discharge charge life quality is superior to that of the soft pack type.
5. The normal charge 6-8 small can use three nights, if there is over-discharge, it will be automatically protected. (Shortly removed without use for more than 3 months, be sure to remove sunlight for charging for 2 days)
6. Accurate light control time, providing a safe lighting environment, automatic lighting time is about sunset, close before sunrise.
(Taiwan is an example of automatic summer evening after 6 o'clock in the evening, 1 hour early in winter, closed at 5 o'clock in summer and 1 hour in winter)
7. Eliminating the need to set up the switch power supply box and the mains buried pipe wiring, without the burden of secondary maintenance
8. Normal warranty for two years, follow-up warranty replacement of batteries or other consumables, no bad does not change.
Product specifications
10W LED solar street light, recommended height 3 meters, luminous flux 200 ~ 1,000lm (20% ~ 100% dimming)
30W LED solar street light, recommended height 5 meters, luminous flux 720~ 3,600lm (20% ~ 100% dimming)
Long bright version
10W LED solar street light, recommended height 3 meters, luminous flux 1,000lm (solar and battery increase)
Camping use - up to 2.5 meters
10W solar street light10W solar street light
Community courtyard - left before use / right after use
10W solar street light testing
Garden application
Solar street light application
The above conditions are most suitable for solar street lights: parks, ponds, gardens, villas, bicycle paths and township roads, agricultural communities, communities, hospitals, schools, factories, houses, camps, open areas, remote areas, etc.

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