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Prodigital Technology LED Panel Light Product Introduction and Panel Light Selection4
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This time we introduce the performance of fully-filled LED soft strip lights. The original LED step lights used sleeved LED soft strip lights and LED glue strip lights. These two models are known in the industry as having an IP65 rating, but this approach is not recommended for use in outdoor engineering cases or LED landscape cases. Difference description: A.LED sleeve soft strip lights are actually composed of bare board + silicone sleeve, achieving dustproof and waterproof. 1. When the LED is hit by a frontal impact, the silicone sleeve is soft and does not protect the internal LED. 2. The inlet end of the casing must be properly protected to avoid water intrusion due to pulling and rupture after construction. 3. When the waterproofing of the on-site wiring is poor, water or moisture will penetrate the copper wire's cooling and heating effects, causing siphonage and water intrusion. B. LED glue strip lights are covered with a layer of PU glue on the exposed LED board to achieve dustproof and waterproof on the front. 1. The main disadvantage of the LED flexible strip light is that the back is not waterproof Outdoor lighting mainly depends on the quality of the product itself + the quality of on-site construction to extend its service life. Factory customization Recommended length: DC24V length 20 meters double-ended power supply, DC12V length 10 meters double-ended power supply Color temperature range: 2700K ~ 6500K Power range: 5W ~15W/meter, single row Waterproof level: IP68 Outlet method: 2 wire length < 10 meters Leave a waterproof layer on the front and back of the PCBA LED soft board, and tightly cover the LED and soft board. The wires are also wrapped in adhesive material, and the outer layer has a heat-shrinkable sleeve to enhance waterproofing and reduce the pulling force that may cause the adhesive material to break. After learning about the product, go to the construction site to see actual performance. Removing glue from lamp power wiring hole cover Clear the original LED glue strip lights and LED tube soft strip lights operations, Site bonding requires silicone to reinforce waterproofing Use a scraper to remove it and it will almost become crispy! Removing old silicone takes a lot of time!! Take out the arrangement position of LED soft strip lights Peel off the 3M adhesive on the back and press along the edges to fix it! After pressing, apply glue to the power hole. The 3M adhesive tape is only for temporary fixation. In actuality, the upper and lower edges of the LED flexible strip lights and the joints with the wall must be firmly covered with a layer of glue to prevent them from falling off. Fixed completed appearance Actual effect at night   LED soft strip light products https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/product_cg257608.html Introduction to various types of LED soft strip lights  https://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_362663.html http://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html Taiwan Hsinchu Community Landscape LED Step Light LED Outdoor Full Glue-filled Soft Strip Light Construction Case 2024-02-26 2025-02-26
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. http://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. http://www.prodigital.com.tw/en/hot_471661.html
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LED Panel light product description:

Since the development of LEDs, chip efficiency has continued to increase and prices have continued to decline. LED flat lights are divided into two categories, with lower cost, commonly known as direct lighting. This type of assembly and production is similar to the practice of advertising boxes, and the higher cost is the side emitting light guide type. , This article introduces the specifications and details of our company's panel lights in detail.


The back of the direct-lit LED panel light on the left, the back of the side-emitting LED panel light on the right

1-1 Direct type LED flat light PD-PL 32W LED LED introduction

Product section view


1. Emphasize high luminous flux.

2. The design and structure are simple, and the assembly cost is low.

3. The thickness is about 30mm and the weight is about 1.8 kg


1. With more LEDs, the probability of LED failure is high.

2. Long-term use of LED light decay is obvious.

1-2 Side emitting LED panel light PD-PL36W

Product section view

Side emitting LED panel light.jpg


1. Emphasize high illuminance and soft light.

2. The life of the LED chip is more than 50,000 hours. (Note: The life of the LED is up to 5 years when used daily)

3. The thickness is about 10mm and the weight is about 3.5 kg.


1. The design structure is more complicated and the material cost is high

2. The center of the LED will gradually become darker when used for more than 50,000 hours.

2-1Minor specifications of direct light and side light panel lights:

1. The LED grade and quantity are different, under the condition of 2x2 feet (60x60cm):

A. The selection range of direct light-emitting LEDs is SMD2835 as the mainstream, and the number of LEDs used is

From 48pcs, 64pcs, 108pcs, 144pcs, 192pcs... etc., the brightness of series and parallel is different to match the power supply.

B. Side-emitting LED selection restrictions SMD5630, SMD2835 are the mainstream. The number of LEDs used,

Only 120 and 192, the brightness of series and parallel is different to match the power supply.

SMD 5630 SMD2835

The appearance of SMD 5630 LED on the left, the appearance of SMD2835 on the right

Choose different LED power levels, such as 32W~36W, to distinguish between high voltage and low current and low voltage and constant current.


A. Direct 48 LEDs use DC260~290V/100mA

B. Direct 64 LEDs use DC30~42V/890mA

C. Side emitting 192LED uses DC28~40V/900mA

D. Side emitting 120LED uses DC28~40V/900mA

LED Panel Light Power supply LED Panel Light power connector LED Panel Light Power DC connector

The pictures from left to right are: LED power supply, AC connector, DC connector

Note: Each LED has different voltage characteristics, series and parallel connections, different brands, and different life spans.

2-3 LED Brand & Life OSRMA / Lumileds / EPISTAR / SANAN :

Brand models of LEDs and LED panel lights produce different effects, different heat dissipation, and different lifespans.

LED distinguishes voltage, current, brightness, temperature curve, LM-80 curve... etc.

LED specifications are different for each brand, and the difference in the cost and warranty of the extended calculation cannot be fabricated!!

Note 1: LM-79 description:

Test method for luminous flux of LED light source.

LED light source bulbs and lamps, including lighting content:

1. The luminous service rate of the light source at different temperatures.

2.The color maintenance rate of the light source at different temperatures.

Note 2: LM-80 description:

Electrical and photometric methods for solid-state lighting products.

Test methods for LED products, including test content:

1. Electrical parameters (power, voltage, current, power factor).

2.Color parameters.

3. Luminous flux and light effect.

4. Light intensity distribution.

5. Chromaticity unevenness.

2-4 The board on which the LED is placed is called LED PCB. The following two types are introduced

A. FR-4, called fiberglass board, is coated with LED components after copper plating.

B. Aluminum substrate: A thermally conductive insulating layer is sandwiched on the aluminum substrate and the LED components are coated after copper.


Note 1: The heat dissipation composition of the aluminum substrate and the thermal insulation layer has a better heat dissipation effect than FR-4.

2: The thickness range of the LED panel light substrate is 0.8~1.6mm.

2-5Structural heat dissipation mode:

Direct light:

The LED substrate is attached to the backplane structure for heat dissipation, and the backplane is made of iron or aluminum.

Direct LED panel light Internal structure

Side light:

The LED substrate is attached to the structure on both sides of the frame for heat dissipation, and the frame is made of aluminum alloy.

Side-emitting LED panel light Internal structure.png

3-1Product main structure explosion diagram

A. Direct type LED panel light:

  1. Backplane
  2. Reflective film
  3. LED substrate (PCBA)
  4. Diffuser
  5. Outside frame    

Direct LED panel light Internal structure.jpg

B. Side emitting LED panel light:

  1. Outside frame
  2. LED substrate (PCBA)
  3. LED substrate (PCBA)
  4. Diffuser
  5. Light guide plate
  6. Reflective film
  7. EPE foam film
  8. Backplane

Side-emitting LED panel light Internal structure.png

Note: Wire, screw, power supply... related description omitted

4-1 Luminous efficiency and illuminance inspection standards

A. Integrating sphere test:

1. Brightness (lm)/Output power (W)

2. Spectrum (mW vs nm)

3. Color coordinates (x, y), (u’, v’)

4. Color temperature (˚K)

5. Color rendering (Ra)

Integrating Sphere Report.png

Side emitting PD-PL 36W LED panel light integrating sphere report

B. Light distribution curve test line or polar coordinate light distribution curve test (IES):

1. Measured power (W)

2. Voltage (V) Current (A)

3. Power factor (PF)

4. Total luminous flux (lumens, lm)

5. Luminous efficiency (lm/W)

6. Beam angle

7. Illuminance

8. Light intensity (Peak candela)

Luminous Flux Report

Light distribution data for direct type PD-PL 32W LED panel light, luminous flux is about 3840lm

Luminous Flux Report.png

Side-emitting PD-PL 36W LED panel light with light distribution data, luminous flux is about 3300lm

Note: IES file is used for lighting simulation software DIALux, used for indoor and outdoor product simulation, simulation accuracy error is 10%.

5-1DIALux simulation

LED Illumination Simulation

For the above product introduction data, please refer to the following product specifications link

Direct type LED panel light PD-PL 32W LED

Side emitting LED panel light PD-PL36W

Application photos link

Application introduction link

The product has a two-year warranty. After the warranty, the side-lit version can be purchased with additional power supplies or light sources. The direct-type version cannot provide maintenance.

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