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Prodigital Technology Corp. was established in Taiwan in 2005. manufacturing factory, full color DMX512 and controllers, export factory,Architectural landscape, project planning

Prodigital Technology Corp. specializes in LED lamps, provides professional services and products that are in line with export, and all products are manufactured in factories!

The main indoor products are LED spotlights MR16, LEDPar30, LEDPar38, LED sensor lamps, LED panel lights, LED flexible strip lights, LED display screens, and LED special book display screens. Used in large stores, chain supermarkets, chain indoor parking lots, hospitals, commercial buildings, restaurants, restaurants, factories, production lines, logistics warehousing, schools, homes, stores, clinics, decoration space applications, etc.
Outdoor main products are LED waterproof lamps, spotlights, line lights, projection lights/flood lights, wall washers, buried lights, underwater lights, signboard lights, street lights, 25-meter soft strip lights, portable mobile lights, work lights , special modeling lights... and other products, used in landscape architecture, bridges, sports fields, large signage, roads, pools/ponds, diving pools, intersection images, temples, emergency lighting, solar energy, wilderness, camping.

Prodigital Technology Corp. adheres to the international brand LED light source, the lighting product specifications are transparent, and you can use it without worry, so that you can not only use it with peace of mind, but also feel our insistence on product ethics, and provide product warranty and after-sales service.

Our demands are different, and our products follow a practical route, so that users can feel at ease.

Product features recommended :

♦ factory made

♦ Transparent specifications

♦ Brand LED

♦ Product warranty and after-sales service

Business items and services

♦ Landscape lighting design:
Able to create a unique landscape lighting scheme according to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the site. These options may include choosing LED luminaires of different colors and brightnesses, as well as defining the angle and position of the lighting.

♦ Ambient lighting:
Provide LED landscape lighting to create lighting solutions for environmental atmosphere. This can include using soft lighting in parks, gardens and walkways to create a romantic, peaceful atmosphere.

♦ Building lighting:
Often used to accentuate features, silhouettes, and details of buildings. Provide various types of LED projector lights and linear luminaires to achieve different visual effects.

♦ Waterscape lighting:
For swimming pools, fountains and water features, waterproof LED luminaires are available to create unique lighting effects in the water.

♦ Intelligent control system:
Provide intelligent lighting control system, allowing customers to adjust the brightness, color and mode of lighting according to their needs. This can provide greater flexibility and energy savings.

♦ Environmental and energy-saving solutions:
Focus on environmental protection and energy efficiency, providing energy-efficient LED solutions, thereby reducing the cost of lighting operations.

♦ Installation and after-sales service:
Provide installation services for lighting equipment to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and performs to the best effect. In addition, they may provide after-sales maintenance and support to ensure the long-term stable operation of the lighting system.

Lighting plays a key role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor environments. Combining lighting technology and design to create memorable visual effects for various venues by using the advantages of LED technology.

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