80W Outdoor Mobile Lighting (DC 12V) 3 meter Height (Aluminum alloy)3
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80W Outdoor Mobile Lighting (DC 12V) 3 meter Height (Aluminum alloy)

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Outdoor waterproof IP67 rating, suitable for outdoor sports, leisure activities, small billboard lighting, additional sensor devices for night security; single lamp for vehicles, boats, heavy machinery , It can also be used in refrigerated or high humidity environments.

LED Football Light
Support for A-type photography light stand.
The best use height of the light stand is 2.5 ~ 3 meters
Standing width of the tripod 96cm.
(The bracket is recommended to withstand greater than 9KG)
Voltage range 10.5 ~ 14.5V,Power consumption current 7A
(It is recommended that the battery capacity is greater than 24AH and
can be used for 2 ~ 2.5 hours)
Please use it properly, and the wind speed should be less than 40 km / h.

Pole maintenance items:After using it for a while, please spray WD-40 on the screws &
joints & light poles, and then wipe them clean.


PD-ML 80W 


20W x2 /12V / 6.7A

LED (Taiwan Chip)

4 modules

Light Fixture -Waterproof


Light Output (Lumens)

7600lm ( 1900 x 4 )

Stands height
(3 section telescopic)

100 ~ 300 Centimeters


Aluminum anode

Total weight 


Battery folder

Alloy copper plating