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PD-PL 40W 平板燈

【Completion photos】

The process Sharing!

【Original photo】

Original installation 64 T5 lamps, with a total power consumption
(22 days * 10 hours * 30 watts * 64) = 422,400 watts / month

Illuminance approximately 500 ~ 650Lux room, after one year began to damage,

Customers can not pick the frequency of replacement and labor costs,
it is proposed to LED panel light.



Choose natural light to enhance the brightness and low glare advantage, effectively enhance the use of life, does not irritate the eyes. 


Light demolition


Demolition decoration

Confirm location

Opening and removing scrap

Size Verify

Cutting boards and test fixture

Job change sides

Wiring and lighting on Location

Protection before painting

Confirm switch

Illumination Test - Flooring

Illumination Test - Desktop

Illumination Test - Wall

Illumination Test - Corner

Duration 4 days decoration / electrician / lighting / paint / cleaning / measurement,
Power calculation: The total power consumption
(22 days * 10 hours * 40 watts * 18) /1000=158.4 degrees / month

Description of the difference:
                     422.4 down to 158.4 eliminating 60% of the electricity.
                     500 ~ 650Lux raised to 750 ~ 960Lux brightening 10 to 20%.
                     Two years warranty, reduce the purchase cost and replacement cost.
                     Decreased by 2 to 5 degrees.
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