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Production lines / Operating area to replace the thin OSRAM LED Panel Light 4

36-watt OSRAM LED ultra-thin plate lights & lighting installation process evaluation.
Use LED light source 100PCS replace T8 light source 138PCS.

生產作業區 PD-PL 36W

生產作業區 恒新數位科技 36WLED平版燈

A area using T8 / T-bar 91 PCS, power consumption 7.28kw / h

B area using T8 / T-bar 47P CS, power consumption 3.76kw / h

A + B total 11.04 kw/h, tariff calculation:

8hx 11.04kw/h x $4.5➨NTD397.44/Day


Before replacing the photo.

After evaluation recommendations,
the owners use our new program to replace the lamp position.

A area is reduced from 91PCS to 63PCS

B area is reduced from 47PCS to 37PCS.
Lamps reducing the total 38PCS, decline of 27%.

After replacing the A area and B zone total power consumption, the remaining hour 3.6kw / h
Day tariff calculation:

8hx 3.6kw/h x $4.5➨NTD129.6/Day


1 year save NTD70,710 !!! (67% reduction in electricity bills.)


Using Simulation software planning lighting position to avoid insufficient illumination!

Floor height of 2.6 m, an average illuminance planning desktop 550 ~ 700lux. 

Simulation than after, the planning installation time.

Day 1:
Before installation, the main items covered to avoid dust and rat feces fall.

Removing the old lamps

By planning the installation of lighting.

According to the requirements of owners retain some lamps.

The next area.

Replacing lamps also keep the environment clean and tidy.

Lamp holder and lamp separation recovery!

Lampholder recovery! 

-----------------------------Day 1 END---------------------------------
Day 2 : 

Lamp holder and lamp separation recovery!

Lampholder recovery! 

B area illuminance measurements.

A area illuminance measurements.


Conclusion :

1. Lamp less 38PCS.
2. The power consumption drops 15,713.28kw / years.
3. The cost savings NTD70,710 / years.
4. Life of up to 40,000 hours.
5.UV free.
6.eye safety.
7. enhance lighting quality.
8. reduce the indoor temperature 2 to 3 degrees.
9. easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs.
10. The two-year warranty, the new replacement.

Using OSRAM 5630 LED intensity higher than 2835 commercially available.
2 meters Panel Light illumination 360lux,
better than the commercial lighting 250lux ~ 300lux performance.
Each batch are tracked by integrating sphere record.

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