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Power input Double side (Asia Type A / USA Type A)


SECTION 1 – General Information 

Ø   These lamps work on line voltage and require all ballasts to be remove before the bulb is to be 
      Installed in the luminaire.
Ø   These lamps are to be used in indoor dry or damp location only. Not suitable for wet location          

Ø   These lamps are not to be used with alight dimmer. The starters need to be bypassed.
      Always contact ground lead to luminaire where applicable.
Ø   Please contact your authorized dealer, distributor if you have any questions not addressed in 
      these instructions. Please see contact information in last page.


“Do not make or alter any open holes in an enclosure of wiring or electrical components during kit installation.”

“Not for use dimmers.”

“The end retrofit luminaire has been modified and can no longer operate the originally intended lamp.”

“Caution-Risk of electric shock-Use in dry and damp locations only.”

“Risk of electric shock-Do not use where directly exposed to water.”

“This device is not intended for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency exit lights.”

“Important safety instructions”


SECTION 2 – Warning

o reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain of moisture luminaire conversion, retrofit. 

For use only with fluorescent luminaries identified in manufacturer’s instructions. 

This product must be installed in accordance with the applicable installation code by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved. 

These lamps can be used any standard T8 lamp luminaire, allowing for it’s minimum spacing requirements.

 Waring-Risk of fire or electric shock.

l   Retrofit kit installation requires knowledge of fluorescent lighting luminaires electrical systems. If not qualified, do not attempt installation. Contact a qualified electrician.

l   The electrical rating. Of this product is AC100-277V, the installer must determine whether they have AC100-277 at the luminaire before installation.

l   Install this kit only in the luminaires that has the construction features and dimensions shown in the photographs drawings.

l   Luminaires wiring, ballasts, or other electrical parts may be damaged when hardware. Check of enclosed wiring and components.

l   Warning-To prevent wiring damage of abrasion, do not expose wiring to edges

Of sheet metal of other sharp objects.

l   Warning-The retrofit assembly is accepted as a component of a fluorescent luminaire where the suitability of the combination hall be determined by CSA or authorities having jurisdiction.

Warning-Risk of fire or shock.

l   Do not use this retrofit kit in luminaires employing shunted bi-pin lamp holders.

Note: shunted lamp holders are found only in fluorescent luminaires with instant-start ballasts. Instant-start ballasts cab be identified by the words “instant-start” or “I.S.” marked on the form of a statement pertaining to the ballast. This designation may be in the form of a statement pertaining to the ballast itself, or may be combined whit the marking for the lamps with which the ballast is intended to be used, for example F40T12/IS.

 SECTION 3 – Installation Instruction

Switch off power supply before commencing work.

Luminaire retrofit steps

1.    Choose wires connect method from A.B option according to the ballast and luminaire type.
2.    Use the electric rubberized fabric or pressing wire cap to enlace well all the power supply cord parts       which were cut off,especially the end sides of power supply cord.
3.    Install LED tube lighting.
4.    Switch on power.

A.   Retrofit luminaire with electronical ballast.

B.   Retrofit luminaire with magnetic ballast.




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