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Mobile LED soccer light group / Outdoor IP67 4

This is the introduction of special lighting  is it [mobile LED soccer light group].

Applicable to outdoor camping, field camping, outdoor activities, night football, fish / boat, equipment lighting, auxiliary lighting, solar lamps, CNC equipment lights, truck lights, Hummer car lights.


Product Features:

◆ high efficiency and low power, the weight of the most compact and short size. (0.45kg / 157x110x36mm)
◆ high color CRI> 80, greatly enhance the night lighting more clearly.
◆ Die-cast aluminum housing, good shock resistance and high stability.
◆ front sealed waterproof design: can withstand harsh environments such as heavy rain or high humidity use.
◆ All-in-one optical lens to enhance efficiency, and use PC material scratch more durable.
◆ Wide voltage input: can be used for a variety of different types of vehicles and boats. (12 / 24V can be used)
Long-life lamps and lanterns: Specified 130lm high efficiency Taiwan 3030LED chip, life expectancy greater than 30,000 hours.
◆ Overall warranty of two years, two years are replaced by new products. (Use error not warranty)

A set of standard products: light group as follows (battery + waterproof battery backpack and charger is optional)


Specification I: The two lights with a light pole

Two 20-watt outdoor waterproof floodlight & a 2.5-meter iron telescopic adjustable pole & dedicated 2.5-meter line group


Specification II: The four lights with a light pole

Four 20-watt outdoor waterproof floodlight & a 2.5-meter iron telescopic adjustable pole & dedicated 2.5-meter line group



◆ Battery capacity 12V / 22AH about two lights about 5 to 6 hours, four lights about 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
◆ pole extension 2.5 m wind speed of less than 41~51km/h can be used, be sure to attach the battery to the bottom of the adjustment screw.
(Such as excessive crosswind, please use to reduce the height of the pole to prevent damage down products and crushing people around)


Product Application: Hsinchu County, Dongxing National Primary School Night Football Lighting Group use case

Site size: 40x40 meters
Lighting erection: 4 sets (The four lights with a light pole)



Outdoor soccer  lights appearance.(The four lights with a light pole)


After thelights is in the predetermined position, the waterproof electric pack hangs on the most bass adjustment screw.

(Battery weighs about 6.3 kg + lamp 2.5 kg + pole 4 kg + 0.5 kg line group, the total weight of 13 kg, enough to resist 41~51km/h wind speed )


Dusk lights begin to adjust the angle to the best.


The first half by the cosmic football team - Xu coach guidance, young and old classes to lead school age 3 years old to 4 years old, football training and confrontation.


A variety of angles outside the actual shooting.(The two lights with a light pole)



The location of these lamps and angle adjustment, the actual application of the simulation in advance, and the actual measurement, the guidance of coaches to complete the guidance.
Outdoor football lighting should avoid lighting, too bright or angle and light and shade, leading players fear of photophobia or eye fatigue,
Resulting in poor training, or easy to make players injured, extending the easy visual fatigue.
The first half of the test - young children can only support 1 hour. (Performance is very exciting)


The second half by the Hsinchu County Dongxing National Primary low-grade football team practice - Hsinchu County Dongxing National Primary School Peng coach guidance.

A variety of angles outside the actual shooting.




After 1.5 hours of training and confrontation, verify the angle and height of lamps and other aspects of confirmation, leaving the data and analog comparison.

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

Finally, the light catch light, so that students and coaches pack ball.
Light storage is also very fast and easy, light pole with the same bag, the battery itself is a bag.



Proven double lamp and four lamp pole group can be used in 40x40 meters, the difference in brightness is sufficient.
Special thanks to Hsuchu Universe Football Team - Xu Coach and Pang Coach, Dongxing National Primary School, Hsinchu County.
Thanks to NORK TECHNOLOGY.CORP.,LTD for sponsorship, giving us the opportunity to assist and learn the whole process,
Allow students to play football in moderate lighting, but also enjoy the joy of playing football.


For lighting assessment of football or other activities, or purchase the entire product, welcome to inquire.


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