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TILS 2018: Prodigital Technology Corp. — Programmable Swimming Training Equipment / Outdoor Mobile Lighting / Solar Street Light

Programmable swimming training equipment (Published on lighting stage at 2018/4/27 at 2:00 pm - Booth B0431a)


 25-meter standard swimming pool fixed on one side, fixed bilaterally

• Attached to the rope, easy to put and store, easy to install and occupy no space

• Contains basic programs, can write special programs, change training methods

• Personnel can use wireless rocking operation to adjust LED flash frequency, brightness, speed, light length, program 

Outdoor mobile lighting group


• Simple operation, light movement, irradiation range of 20 meters, DC 12V/24V lead-acid/lithium battery

can be used.

• The luminaire adopts ADC12 aluminum heat sink with one-piece lens, and the structure has a complete

frontal impact that is not easily broken.

• Outdoor waterproof IP67 rating, suitable for outdoor sports, leisure activities, small billboard lighting, additional sensor devices for night security; single lamp for vehicles, boats, heavy machinery , It can also be used in refrigerated or high humidity environments.

Solar Street light


Garden Light / Park Light / Security Light / Leisure Lighting / Auxiliary Lighting




20pcs SMD3030 LEDs

Solar Panel 
(Mono Crystalline Silicon)


Light Output (Lumens)


Battery (Li-Ion)

6 Ah

Beam Angle

150°* 45°

Change Time

7 hours

Operation Days

3 day without sunlight





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