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Basement parking LED lighting options? [LED T8 Radar Tube] [LED tube Microwave control]4
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This time, we will introduce the actual performance of 10-meter LED high patio lights in Longtan District~The first area used well, and the customer replaced all 21 lamps in the second factory area Case : The first area Different from the installation and application of patio lights in the first factory, there are circuit differences in the second factory Simulations will be carried out in different ways to confirm compliance with field use Full bright simulation Simulation of the main processing area After a variety of simulation comparisons, it is recommended to install a 150W narrow angle Removing and replacing lamps on the crane 400W transformer, still hot after turning off the transformer After centralized management, the customer handles it by himself! finished Illumination comparison http://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_428702.html 150W Patio Light Installation Planning Results in Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan LED Patio Light LED Patio Light Installation UFO Patio Light Warranty Three Year Patio Light High Efficiency LED Patio Ligh -The second factory 2022-05-02 2023-05-02
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. http://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_428702.html
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. http://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_428702.html
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Introduce a product that is most suitable for parking lot lighting,
radar (microwave) automatic sensor tube / LED T8 Radar Tube
(Free change circuit / system Free / Low maintenance / longevity / highest energy)

Parking lot lighting is 24 hours use, choose high efficiency with sensor light selection
Making the car park lighting can save 85%~90% electricity.


There is no need to invest in the cost of system setup, not to adjust the circuit, and the maintenance cost is very low and easy in the future.

Therefore, the basement parking lot is adopted, so that the reduction of electric power can also enhance the lighting quality of the parking lot.

Under the same conditions to provide better options, it is particularly recommended LEDT8 radar sensor lamp,
Immediately improve the reduction of electricity prices and get rid of the problems of setting up the system, which can improve the lamp life and reduce the maintenance cycle.

Example: Infrared sensor PIR control lamps, from the original control of the indoor staircase lights, corridor lights, etc.,

The majority of incandescent lamps are used, and the control is more convenient. There are also fluorescent lamps, but the life is greatly reduced and the stroboflash phenomenon is also serious.

Along with the phase-out of incandescent lamps and the popularization and application of LED light sources, it brings an extremely wide range of applications to infrared sensors.
The cost of lighting control is gradually reduced, the cost performance is continuously improved, and the energy-saving effect is more obvious.

Infrared Sensor Introduction - Works through infrared radiation emitted by the human body.
The infrared radiation emitted by the human body is enhanced by the Fresnel filter lens and accumulated on the pyroelectric element. When the human body is active, the infrared radiation is

Changes in the firing position cause the device to lose its electrical balance and convert it into an electrical signal, ie thermoelectric conversion.

The normal temperature of the human body is about 36 degrees, and the far-infrared peak emitted is 9.4 meters. By detecting body surface temperature and ambient temperature

The difference in the degree of change, the resulting electrical signal, to determine whether someone is active and output the signal. There are many types of infrared sensors, applications

Also widely used, there are many types of sensor element performance and lens design, generally divided into large area type and small area type.

In recent years, miniature sensors have been developed to be installed in lighting fixtures, such as garage lamp series, staircase lamp series, and hotel customer lighting series.

Infrared sensors have been widely used due to their relatively low prices and generally do not require adjustments.

When designing a lamp, its characteristics and use environment should be grasped, sensors should be applied correctly, and efforts should be made to reduce the cost of the lamp.

Radar sensor introduction - Radar (microwave) sensor application.
Example: Automatic glass door sensors use radar sensors
There are many cases and the history is very long. In the early stage, it was widely used in military, shipping, automotive, level measurement, and life exploration.

Product performance is stable and reliable. The distance of action is related to the pulse width and the vertical width of the beam, such as the pulse width of 0.01 microseconds, the distance

Resolving power is about 25M. Radar is a device that detects and measures target information by emitting electromagnetic waves and echoes.

This feature enables the independent control of the lamps to achieve the most efficient energy saving.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages


Human sensing infrared type (PIR)

Radar (Microwave) Type 3.6G

Sensing distance

Within 5 meters

Within 13 meters

Sensing range



Conditions of Use

Limit the scope of use

Wide range of use


Low power, low price

Low power, high sensitivity,
no blind area


Easily interfered by various heat sources, poor penetration,
blind area

Used in low flow areas,
prices are slightly higher


4 year

8 year

Product Specifications:(LED T8 Radar Tube) 

Apply Movie 1: https://youtu.be/y-Ue8qtkvws
Apply Movie 2: https://youtu.be/h7B29KblvyM


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