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Introduction of various types of LED flexible strip lights:1.What is flexible strip light:The SMD LED is directly printed on a 100 cm PCB soft board, and each piece of 100 cm is soldered to a length of 500 cm. The body is flexible within a certain specification, and can be cut to the required length according to the mark, called a flexible strip light.Figure 1: Schematic diagram of the length of the flexible stripFigure 2: Schematic diagram of flexible strip light packaging2.LED types often used for flexible strip lights: Monochrome standard: SMD 3014 / SMD 2835 / SMD 3030 / SMD 5630 / SMD 5050 Two-color standard: SMD 3014 / SMD 2835 / MD 3030l Full color standard: SMD / 3014 / SMD 2835 / SMD 5050l Special LED: SMD 5050 IC LED, LED with IC current limiting version, LED with IC control versionNote 1: The descriptions not listed above are all customized LEDs. 3.Selection of voltage for flexible strip lights:DC DC5V, need to purchase additional power supplyDC DC12V, need to purchase additional power supplyDC DC24V, an additional power supply is requiredAC 110V, with bridge rectifier attached to the front endAC 220V, with a bridge rectifier attached to the front endNote: The DC flexible strip lights are for DC use, and there is no doubt about electric shock.4.Appearance of flexible strip light production types:Bare layout: PCB background color is white or black, the LED light spot can be seen by naked eyes after lightingSilicone sleeve type A: Milky white, no LED light spots can be seen after lightingSilicone sleeve type B: transparent, the LED light spot can be seen by the naked eye after lightingPU glue type: milky white / transparent, the LED light spot can be seen by the naked eye after lightingPU glue type: milky white / transparent, the LED light spot can be seen by the naked eye after lightingPU colloid type: milky white, no LED light spots after lighting5.The luminous form of the flexible strip light:Front light: for sideline or straight line installation:After lighting, the naked eye can directly see the LED light spot, which is often used in general lighting/camping lights/contour lights/guide lights/indicators...The indirect light source that draws light out through space or guidance is often used in advertising word boxes/art lamps/decorative indirect light sources/closet lights/shoe cabinet lights...Side light: Mainly used for curved surface or modeling installation, such as fonts/car lights/decoration/landscape lights...3 side light / 3D light bar:Mainly installed in round or square shape, often used for indicator lights/bar table lights/box frame lights...6.The type of flexible strip light using protection production:Bare board type: LED and PCB soft board without any protection, can directly contact the mold, usually DC use, often used in interior decoration or special artistic modeling lights. (Dustproof and waterproof grade IP20 or IP30)Figure 3: Bare board Silicone sleeve type A: A specific type of sleeve is injected through the silicone material, and then the LED is placed in this sleeve, which is generally used to replace the neon tube. (Dustproof and waterproof grade IP54 / IP65 / IP66 / IP67)Figure 4: The left picture with silicone sleeve type A, the right picture with silicone sleeve type BPU dripping type: Use dispensing equipment, dripping method, cover the surface of LED and PCB with a layer of protective colloid, this model can reach IP65 moisture and waterproof, suitable for installation in eaves or shelters. (Dustproof and waterproof grade IP65)Figure 5: Drop glue typePU glue type: LED and PCB soft board are integrally wrapped in PU glue, so that the flexible strip light can be directly used in outdoor or low-temperature environments, such as underwater 3 meters / freezer light. (Dustproof and waterproof grade IP68)Figure 6: Glue filling type PU colloid type: Put the LED and PCB soft board into a customized container filled with PU colloid, which has excellent light conductivity and weather resistance. This is an upgraded version of the sleeve type, which improves the waterproof and brightness problems, and the appearance is smooth and smooth. Not easy to be contaminated with dust, (dustproof and waterproof grade IP68)Figure 7: PU colloid7.Advantages of Hengxin Prodigital Technology Soft Strip Light:Using high-quality EPISTAR LED chip, the life is relatively stable.The appearance of special material is not easy to stain dust, acid and alkali resistance.The special material can withstand temperature shocks and can be used in an environment of -40 degrees without embrittlement of the colloid due to low temperature.It is produced with special materials, and the color temperature does not cause the color temperature error due to material factors. The customized range is 1900 ~ 7500K.There are many options for the number of LEDs, such as 30 LED / 60 LED / 72 LED / 96 LED / 144 LED / 288 LED per meter.The length can also be customized, single color 10~15 meters, full color 25~50 meters double-ended power supply, diving/swimming pool... etc.8.Application example:   Prodigital Technology provides experienced planning services and customized product selection. Welcome to call or email us!Company phone:03-5518912E-mail: da_chiu@prodigital.com.twWeb: www.prodigital.com.twLine: 0918467886 (Business/Technical Consulting)                 Catalog download        Online form                                        Full color 25 meters IP68       Full color 25 meters IP68          Indoor indirect light source 2.4G control + LED https://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_362663.html Introduction to LED Strip Light LED flexible strip light / LED PU colloid light / LED bare board light / LED epoxy light / LED tube light 2021-07-27 2022-07-27
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. https://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_362663.html
Prodigital Technology Corp. 12F, No.358 Chung Hwa road, Chu pei city, Hsin chu county, Taiwan R.O.C. https://www.prodigital.com.tw/hot_362663.html
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Use LED high-bay lights to plan foreign CNC factories!

Time to review purchases from European countries in February 2018.

After professionally inquiring about customer needs, of course, you need to ask the key points, in order to know the needs of the simulation at the right time.

(This point is very important)

Buying things abroad, in addition to shopping, you need to know where the factory's profession is.

for example:

1. Is the specification clear (you can see the specifications after reading this article)
2. Does the use of materials stabilize the product?
3. Is it suitable for the place of purchase?
4. Is it easy to install and maintain?
5. Is it easy to transport?

Based on the above points, customers need to use our professional planning and suggestions for products, and let customers know at the right time.

We don't just sell lamps to customers, we also need to let customers know that we don't just use a light in the simulation.

Return to the theme:

At the beginning, the customer only proposed which kind of lamp to replace with 7 meters high. (At this time, the inner OS... can replace the solution too diversified)

After a serious conversation, you need to know the needs of the place and the illumination, otherwise the specifications and prices can only know the budget.

It is not very friendly to the end user.

Finally, the customer provides more detailed information, as follows


The space is equipped with new lighting for the new plant area, which is 66 meters wide, 18 meters high and 7 meters high.

Need to reach 200Lux in the green area, to avoid the brightness is too low. (85cm high)

After converting the analog data, it is recommended to use 120W LED high-bay lights (Zhongguangjiao)

In addition to the simulation of 80 watts / medium angle, 100 watts / medium wide angle, 150W / wide angle for comparison,

The number of turns can be from 72盏 to 36最后 at the end.

Only filter the brightness of the luminaire, can't understand the actual demand, and finally buy it according to the budget.

Finally, the people on the scene are patient.

Multiple comparison methods can save a lot of trouble and future maintenance costs.

The light is not broken, it is not dark, it is equal to broken, how is this trap always in the middle.

(If you have used a traditional E40 75W large spiral bulb or an E40 LED large bulb,

Even used LED patio lights, floodlights still feel not OK, please seriously consider the following questions!)

The simulation is to let the terminal know the following questions:

1. Is the illumination sufficient (how much?)
2. Is the dark area too obvious (how to tell?)
3. Installation location and power configuration in advance planning (power saving or more power consumption?)
4. Can the old and new lights be adapted? (Used is very disappointing, not used, afraid?)
5. Is the illumination as expected? (What kind of lamp was it?)
After the simulation and professional advice, the final state of the simulation will be approached after installation.

The maximum error is 10%.

Illuminance difference map

Desktop illumination map (in accordance with the requirements of the client green area 200Lux)

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It is recommended to start directly with 120W, not because of power consumption.

In fact, for a general CNC factory or a storage area. (In fact, it can be said to be a universal specification)

There are two options for the same 120W option:

Hanging type / E40 lamp holder

1.Hanging type - suitable for C-shaped steel, with chain to adjust the height of the lamp.
2.E40 lamp holder long type - suitable for taking the original mercury lamp holder.


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