The factory with a height of 10 meters is recommended. The recommended solution is 150W ~ 240W LED high Bay light.

A total of 29pcs 400W mercury bulb before replacement.

The reason for the customer's reaction: the use time is very long, the degree of light decay is unacceptable.

When the traditional 400W lamps are all turned on, the ground illumination value is about 110Lux.

The actual analog comparison is recommended to use 240W LED patio lights.

The 120W LED high-bay lamp has a simulated illumination of about 200Lux in the designated area. It is brighter than the 400W mercury lamp. It is suitable for storage.

The 240W LED high-bay lamp has an analog illumination of about 300Lux in the designated area, which is suitable for general processing.

Old 400W mercury bulb with transformer

240WLED high Bay light (separator and lamp head separated)

240W LED high Bay light on the left, traditional 400W mercury lamp on the right.

Two crab carts were dispatched to speed up the installation, and the circuit was added according to customer requirements.

After the installation is completed, the lamps and packaging materials are collected in one place.

It’s already dark, ready for illuminance testing.

When the 240W LED High Bay lamps are all turned on, the ground illumination value is about 300Lux.

We have completed the customer's request again, Prodigital Technology makes LED use longer.

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