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2020 LED Pixel Dot /Facade Lighting/ LED channel letter 4

LED Point Light Source-Outdoor Flexible Mesh Screen (LED Mesh Light)


Feature of product:

1. Used on the building surface or advertising billboard.

2. The vision installed outside the window is not affected.

3. Low construction cost and low maintenance cost.

4.50-300 meters best viewing angle.


LED grid screen (LED mesh light) signal characteristics, abnormal failure of a single light source does not cause the entire string of signals to be abnormal and extinguished. The control principle is unique in the setting of the interface card, so that each point of the LED light source can independently capture the signal. The advantage of this design is that it can be maintained separately at a single point of abnormality, without requiring major engineering disassembly for maintenance or update.


There are two options for the control system: the international standard DMX512 interface is used for the architectural landscape, and the TV wall playback system. The playback controller supports internal access playback or USB Disk playback and HDMI input playback. Powerful UI interface, multiple built-in Function selection makes it easier to broadcast programs.


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