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Programmable Swimming Training Equipment

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The loop-type training equipment can be used as training equipment for running and swimming.

Programmable swimming training equipment (Published on lighting stage at 2018/4/27 at 2:00 pm - Booth B0431a)

25-meter standard swimming pool fixed on one side, fixed bilaterally

Attached to the rope, easy to put and store, easy to install and occupy no space

Contains basic programs, can write special programs, change training methods

Personnel can use wireless rocking operation to adjust LED flash frequency, brightness, speed, light length, program 

LED Type

Full Color LED Chips

Length (Without cable)

25 Meter/Rell x 2

Waterproof (Strip)


Control interface


Control method

Remote control


DC12V Only (Both sides)


12V / 7A (IP 66 box) x 2

Charging Time

5~12 hours

Operation Time

2~4 hours

Program Built-in/Customer

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