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18W Radar sensor LED T8 tube light 4ft [0-100%][30-100%][Wireless][Microwave]

Parking exclusively energy-saving lamp,microwave sensors, reduce electricity
Enhance the LED lifetime, up to 80% energy saving,vehicles and objects detection.


Doppler effect principle detection a wide range of induction,the reaction is fast.
Anti-interference ability,no temperature / sound / wind direction / light.
Adhere to semi-aluminum semi-plastic design,ultra-low light failure, life doubled.
Sensor life about 8 years, higher sensitivity than the PIR, no dead induction.

Instructions for use : more...

Specification DM / Show Case
Note: G13 4ft & Day and night mode(by order)


PD-TL 0 ~ 18W & 6~18W 
Automatic dimming 

Light source

2835 LED 

Power (+/- 5%)

18 Watts 
(Quiescent current 0.2W)

Beam angle

120 degree


2,340 lumens

LED life

More than 50,000 hours

Operating temperature

-20+40 ºC

Power supply

LED power supply inside.

Voltage input

110-240V / 50-60Hz

Cover (Milky)

  Optical PC

Body material



Ø26 x 1198mm




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